What Bridal Makeup Looks Like Around the World?

No matter which region in the world that a wedding happens, it is always a memorable and important ceremony. Therefore, regardless of nationality, the bride always wants to be the prettiest and fancies on that day. Here, we give you more information about how bridal makeup looks like following different cultures in the world. 

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Bridal Makeup in The United States

In American, the decision on every single detail is super important. Makeup and hairstyle are two of them. They are not often things that the brides do at home by themselves. They need assistance from bridal services from particular wedding companies.

In general, the American brides prefer a kinda-natural makeup expressing all subtle and elegant personality.

Bridal Makeup  in Yemen

Unlike any other brides in the world, the Yemen ladies need at least 5 days for the beauty preparation for the wedding. It is quite strange, but understandable because this is the most important even that most gals just have one chance to experience in the lifetime.

On the wedding days, traditional Yemeni brides tend to wear thick makeups that are hidden under the veil. However, nowadays, many modern brides unveil more their face skin by opting out the veils. To have the most smooth skin, the skincare routine as the wedding prep requires a lot of dedication. They need to visit bathhouses such as the Hammam or Turkish one in order to achieve the soft and bright skin.

On the third day of the wedding, the brides wear a lot of gold accessories and veils.

South Korea

In South Korea, the bridal makeups are supernatural and light. Traditionally, the brides wear wedding cloaks along with red dots on their cheek to protect themselves from bad energy. Rudy cheeks also represent their virginity and youth.

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