Top Outstanding Short Coffin Nail Ideas That Suit You Perfectly

Short coffin nail, the trend that starts from a famous celebrity and also beauty model, Kylie Jenner, and spread all around the globe because let’s face it, she nails it. This nail is becoming worldwide popular with the beautiful square-shaped nail and even though it usually comes with a long nail, but short nails still look great. It is also called “ballerina’s nails” which allure many women and you may be one of them.

Let’s start adding your special nail collection with a nice and neat short coffin nail. What are you waiting for? Let’s have a look.

Short-Coffin-Nail-Hologram1-1 Top Outstanding Short Coffin Nail Ideas That Suit You Perfectly

Matte Coat

Who would have thought that this simple shade of color could be stunning on a short nail? With coffin-shaped and add a simple matte color coat, your nail will be simple but still fancy.

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Outstanding Short Coffin Nail – Glitter

As a girl, add a little bit extra sometimes is totally fine, so why not having some shiny element to your nail? Of course, one or two nails with glitter is fine, but you can go all in to bring attention to your manicure.

French Tip

It could be a huge mistake if we don’t add this famous and classy nail designs to this list. From all the articles about nails, there is always a French tip idea, and to the short nail, it’s beautiful and attractive.

Outstanding Short Coffin Nail – Hologram

Don’t want to have glitter? The try holographic design instead. This glowing nail will be perfect on your short coffin manicure. It also works nicely in the party season that everyone can’t take their eyes off you.

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Ombre Design

Admit it, Ombre ideas are getting so much recognition in the beauty world because of the magical gradient that is classy but also edgy. Once you have this short coffin Ombre nail, you will not regret it at all!

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