These 31 Nail Art Pictures Are Giving Us All the Mani Inspiration We Need

These 31 Nail Art Pictures Are Giving Us All the Mani Inspiration We Need

Keep in mind when nail artwork consisted of water-painted flowers and glittery dragons? Those have been the times. Nevertheless, after its short-lived second within the early noughties, nail art really dropped off the grid for a short while. In stark distinction to the grandeur and excess of embellished talons and complex patterns, for the last 10 years or so, nail trends and manicures have, for probably the most half, remained monotonal, simple and polished.

Nevertheless, within the last 12 months or so, we’ve observed that nail designs have started to get just a little more fun. From colourful rainbow nails to chic gradient designs, it will seem as though we are all in search of new ways to up our mani recreation. You’ll be pleased to listen to that nail art is formally back too, and it’s chicer than ever. Steering clear of busy designs and mind-boggling patterns, 2020’s tackle nail art is straightforward, pared-back and understated.

From negative-space designs and muted statements to intricate artistry and fairly marbles, hold scrolling for the chicest nail artwork to add to your inspiration board right now.

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