Star Nail Designs That Bring A Whole Constellation To You

Stars are one of the most popular inspiration for nail designs and portrait a whole constellation to your nail and it could be your next manicure if you are a sky lover. Starry patterns are maleficent, fascinating and everyone loves looking in the sky, so star nail can be a good idea for you.

Star can represent a good and positive vibe, and its nail ideas are common these days. We will share with you some of the best star nail designs that you may love.

cover-Star-Nail-Constellations2-1 Star Nail Designs That Bring A Whole Constellation To You

Shooting Star

In the sky, when there is a shooting star, everyone will make a wish to it and hope it will come true. So why not get this design to your nail so that you can make a wish for yourself every day?

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Star Nail Designs: Constellations

The star connection idea is trendy no. Follow this trend with your manicure to look trendy but mysterious and dreamy at the same time. Also, this manicure is simple and easy to do it.

Star With The Sun And Moon

The best way to perfectly portrait the sky is by drawing the star with sun and moon to create a beautiful universe in your nail. The combination is a masterpiece and adds some magical vibe to your hand.

Star Nail Designs: 3D Stars

Maybe if the traditional solid coating can’t interest you enough, then you will love to add some 3D stars to create the effect on the fingertips. This texture is popular these days and you will love it.

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Galaxy Nails

These magical galaxy nail designs will enchant you and let others can’s stop looking at it. Galaxy designs with stars and glitters are the prettiest ways to have a Cosmo theme on your fingertips.

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