Sleeve Tattoo: Top Coolest Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Your Bold Body Art

When getting sleeve tattoo, go big or go home. This tattoo idea is a splash jump for anyone who wants to be the coolest, and that person could be you. Not only men but also women are now taking the big step to get this boldest tattoo artwork.

These coolest sleeve tattoo ideas will fill the space in your arm. Here are some of the best artwork that will blow your mind.

cover-photo-Sleeve-Tattoo-Portrait2-1 Sleeve Tattoo: Top Coolest Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Your Bold Body Art

3D Tattoo

This could be your lifetime masterpiece. The illusion 3D tattoo is impressive and cool. If you have this tattoo, people can’t take their eyes out of it.


Sleeve Tattoo Ideas: Tribal Tattoo

Get some amazing art on your art with tribal style. The design is eye-catching and detailed. It also represents maturity and strength so it will be perfect for you.

Skull Design

These sleeve designs never get old and it is common in every tattoo shop. The Skull tattoo represents the core nature of humans. It can go well with other artwork such as a crown or rose.


In life, there are many characters or people that are special to you, so much that you want to remember them forever. So how about getting their portrait on your arm? It will show your admiration for the one you love.

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas: Animal

Portrait some animals to your arms such as a lion or dragon to show the braveness, bird, or butterfly to represent the beauty, etc. Whatever it is, it will be majestic.

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Not just one flower, you can have an entire flower garden to your sleeve. This idea is commonly for women, but that doesn’t mean men can’t have it.

The Vikings

If you want something historic and fierce, you should go with the Vikings sleeve tattoo. This tribe has become an inspiration for many artworks, and for a tattoo, it is not exceptional.

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