Simple guidelines to BLUE EYESHADOW LOOK

Blue eyeshadow look is one of the most attractive style makeup for any ladies to wear. Today, let’s see how to rock this eyeshadow look step by step.

Step 1: Applying primer or foundation

Starting with using primer or foundation which are matte for a better result for this look, I think begin to apply in the center of your face because that’s where you will need the most coverage then towards the jaw and the forehead. Then, use a sponge to blend it. 

Step 2: Applying concealer

Apply the yellow-toned concealer to underneath of your eyes. Then, blend it out by using the same sponge for the foundation in Step 1

Step 3: Applying eyeshadow – blue eyeshadow look

Only use one product _ Long Lasting Eyeshadow Cream Stick _ Shade 44 from KIKO for the whole blue eyeshadow look. This blue color is so trendy. Now, what we do is to apply this blue all over the eyelid. Don’t do it above the crease

Step 4: Winging it out

This can be a little bit challenging because this isn’t very sharp and it’s quite like a large pencil. We need to blend in the crease to make it look neater

Step 5: Curling your eyelashes

The next step is to curl the eyelashes and decide which type of mascara you are going to use, then apply it on your top and bottom. And if you want the look to be cooler, a dark brown shadow on the lower lash can be ideal.

Step 6: Contouring and highlighting

Carving out your cheekbones a little bit, forehead, nose to slim them down. Remember to use a fluffy brush afterward to make sure it’s really blended in

For highlighter, you can use Palette from Huda Beauty and Golden Sun color. This is a gold shimmery color which is perfect for the blue eyeshadow makeup.

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