How long does it take for you to figure out tattoo places? Probably equal to the amount of time you spend to choose a tattoo isn’t it?

Most of the results suggest that Wrist, Inner Wrist, Arms, Inner arms, ankles, behind the ears, ..are the best tattoo places, especially for people who want to get a tattoo for the first time. But if you are looking for something new, an area for big tattoos, cool ideas, places that are sexy but also subtle, here are some awesome options for you.

1. Shoulder

Either the front or the back of the shoulder is fine, this area is very attractive and noticeable. You can find millions of tattoo ideas for this spot! Most of them are feathers, flowers, and sayings but there are a lot more, take a look at these tattoos and I am pretty sure you have a reason to buy more tube tops and tank tops now!

2. Thigh

You need to consider this area carefully before getting it. Because this is not only a sensitive area but also a sensual spot. It is a little bold and rebellious but I assure it would be charming, imagine how sexy and pretty it would be when you’re wearing a bikini or shorts and skirts! Normally, they will choose big and long tattoos that link the buttock and the thigh, but that’s not the only option, many exotic tattoo ideas are waiting to be discovered!

3. Coolest tattoo places: Back and Lower Back

The pain would vary depending on the area of your back, it’s usually not much painful on your upper back near your shoulders. Your spine and your lower back would be the relatively painful spots for tattoos. But it’s worthy right? Let’s take a look at some tattoo ideas on your back.

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