Butterfly Tattoo Arts That Bring The Loveliness To You

If you are looking for a classic inspiration for your tattoo, then butterfly may be your next option. A butterfly is pretty, cute, and has lots of meaning. A butterfly tattoo is an entry for those who just discover their desire for ink and body modification, especially girls.

A classic feminine tattoo to your body will add some cuteness into you and these suggestions of these tattoo arts may allure you.


Classic Butterfly

Don’t want to be complicated or too much? Then let’s bring the classic and original to you. It doesn’t bore at all because the butterfly itself is already beautiful. The more basic, the more straight-forward to the tattoo.

Butterfly tattoo: Butterfly With Flower

Butterfly and flower are a perfect couple of beauty. At first, people might think there is just some flower, but take a closer look will appear some butterflies flying around. The elegance and loveliness combine to be the greatest of all.


It is small and easy to cover up, maybe your parents will never think you have a tattoo. This tattoo can make you think that the butterfly lands on your body.

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Butterfly tattoo: Geometric Butterfly

Want to look edgy and sharp, then this geometric tattoo will be your best choice. It is sharp but super cool for those who are not just girly and want to pop out.

Watercolor Butterfly

If you’re not a fan of classic black ink tattoo, then add some color to it and you will into it quick. Ask your tattoo artist to blend some colors to your butterfly artwork.

Single Line Butterfly

This butterfly tattoo art is unique and allure. The butterfly may seem different when it actually looks in real life, but why bother? The inspiration is endless.

Monarchs Butterfly

Go big or go home. This tattoo is classic but very detailed, and it is best when you inked the big one on your body.

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