Best Tattoo Designs For Animal Lover Which Are Worth Trying

Animal tattoo is one of the most popular inspirations in the tattoo world. An animal has been with us since ancient times and they are the best ones besides human beings. Especially those who have a pet, it is so precious to have an animal friend. You can choose having a tattoo to show your love to your pet, or a wild one which brings a strong meaning and come with any size and shape.

Having an animal tattoo brings lots of wonderful meaning and it is beautiful. To find out which one is the best for you, here are some designs that you may consider and choose to have.

Animal-Tattoo-Dog2 Best Tattoo Designs For Animal Lover Which Are Worth Trying

Cat Tattoo

This is perfect for cat lovers and this is one of the top favorite pets in the world. Having this cute animal tattoo will add a little loveliness to your body.

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Best Animal Tattoo: Dog

A dog is a guy’s best friend. No need to deny that dog is the friendliest animal to humans. You can choose a cute puppy or a strong Husky or bulldog depend on what you want for a tattoo.


Dragon even though is a myth, but people still consider them as animal and represent a strong, powerful meaning. This tattoo can come with many shapes and sizes, depend on how bold you are.

Best Animal Tattoo: Wild Animal

Wild animals like tiger, lion shows the king of the jungle. Or you can have herbivores like giraffe or moose to show kindness and soft, all can be your next idea for a tattoo.

Sea Creatures

You are a sea lover and feel a special connection with the ocean, this is the best one for you. You can create a beautiful ocean in your body with some sea animals that you love.

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