Best Ankle Tattoo Designs To Flaunt Your Feminine

Ankle tattoo has been a spot that is likable by girls since it is small so easier to hide and very pretty that you should at least have one in your life. The ankle is a perfect spot to have many inspirations for a tattoo, so there are thousands of ideas for you to choose from.

Girls like to have a small tattoo on their ankle, and maybe you are not exceptional. Check out these best ankle tattoo designs to make you become flawless.

cover-photo-Ankle-Tattoo-Message3-1 Best Ankle Tattoo Designs To Flaunt Your Feminine

Bracelet Designs

Don’t want to have a simple bracelet? Then try to have a bracelet tattoo to get out of your safety zone. The ideas are varied such as tribal, diamond, or vintage style for you to add on your options list.

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Best Ankle Tattoo Designs: Stars

Portrait the beautiful night that full of stars on your ankle. It is a wonderful, magical, and enormous, best design for you to try.


The symbol itself says a lot of meaning, getting to know and have your own symbol can be the best choice for you. This tattoo may not hurt you much since the symbol needs a single line to make it perfect.


These days, emojis are just crushed into our life with its funny expression. You can have it on your ankle in traditional black ink or coloring it to make it extra.

Best Ankle Tattoo Designs: Flowers

Of course, we cannot leave this idea out of the picture. A flower is simple and cute, but it can be detailed and sophisticated, it could be rose, lotus, or sunflower. Above all, it is beautiful and popular for girls.


The ankle tattoo may be small, but the message behind it to keep moving forward is strong and will motivate you a lot.

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Sun And Moon

The contrast between day and night can be inked on both sides of your ankle. It is cute and fits perfectly on your beautiful walk.

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