A Guideline on Simple Makeup Look for Your Everyday Wear

2019 is the year of simple makeup look with the trend “no-makeup makeup look”. It seems that this year, we keep embracing the natural beauty of women. Therefore, this makeup style, which is supposed to be a contradiction, is loved and worn by so many girls throughout the world. Unlike the drama look like other styles, a simple makeup look is so simple (just like its name) and easy to create. Scroll down and you’ll understand why.

Step 1: Prime your skin for a simple makeup look

Primer is a vital layer if you want your makeup last the entire day. Apply an extremely thin layer of primer before any further steps.

Step 2: Correct any imperfections

Since for a no-makeup makeup look, we don’t focus much on contour and brush. That’s why concealer is a must to hide away any imperfections such as acne or dark circles under your eyes. Try to apply the right type of concealer for the right imperfection. For instance, redness asks for a green concealer, lavender one is to avoid dullness, or discolorations can be solved by the yellow.

Step 3: Use the matte foundation

Apply matte foundation with a makeup blender to create flawless skin.

Step 4: Prime your lids for a simple makeup look

Just like your skin, lids also need a primer to keep makeup products for a long time.

Step 5: Apply nude shadow to your lids

After priming your lids, pick a neutral shade and apply it all over your lids. Next is a darker shade like deep brown to create the depth to your eyes. Don’t forget to apply a lighter color along brow bones to highlight them.

Step 6: Apply brown eyeliner for a simple makeup look

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Draw perfect lines under your lash lines with a brown eyeliner. Try to make them as soft and natural as possible.

Step 7: Lightly define your brows

Brows play a big role in any style. However, a brown mascara can help to minimize fake vibes.

Step 8: Apply a coat of mascara

Coat your lashes under a few times of mascara to make them feel thicker and curler. Of course, sexier.

Step 9: Finish the natural makeup look with nude lipstick

Nude lipstick is the last-but-not-least step. Wear it to brunch, the office, on a date—you name it!

Practice more and make it your go-to everyday.

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