5 Hottest Nail Trends Summer 2020

The hot wind is coming and that means you need some summer manicures. From the old favorites to the new ideas, nail art always blows up and we all need something to make us look fabulous. What nail trends in this year can we be expected? Let’s have a look at the top 5 of the boldest nail trends in this 2020.

The French Manicure

Look at that thin glowing silver line. The shiny and thin layer making your nails look natural and bring extra lengthening. This nail manicure is perfect for those who have short nails. It is simple but brings the look.

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The Butterfly

The butterfly is always the inspiration for beauty, and nail manicure is not exceptional. This creature can take lots of time, but the hard work is all worth to make it trendy.

Nail trends 2020: The Ombre Nails

We can see lots of ombré styles for hair, so how about nails? Style this trend in your fingertips with a delicate color blend. See the pink ombré from the beautiful famous celebrity Kylie Jenner, we can say she totally nailed it!

The Animal Prints

Summer is coming, so why don’t you add a little wild. This colorful fiesta can make you totally stand out in the crowd. A little extra is always better and we all know summertime can get a little wild.

Nail trends 2020: The Flower

If you want some cuteness for your nail, then flower can be the best option. Polish some flowers with simple colors can bring the summer jam to your fingertips.

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