We all agree that lipsticks are every girl’s best friend. Almost every woman would have at least one by their side whether being a makeup lover or not.
Imagine waking up and looking like a dead fish after a drinking night and you have to rush to work. Just put on red lipstick and that’s all you need to lighten up your sleepy face! But one lipstick is never enough right? Let’s check out these hottest lipstick colors to add to your collection!

1. Red

Red shades will never be outdated since it goes well with many skin tones. Especially if you have dark lips, you will for sure need a red lipstick!

2. Hottest lipstick colors: Nude

Nude lipsticks are the hottest and extremely trendy in recent years. The nude lips trend had spread like wildfire after many beauty challenges from Instagram influencers.

3. Coral

Coral shades are super popular in South East Asia since women here prefer light makeup looks. This is a safe and easy shade, you can wear it at work, at school, anywhere possible. But remember to keep this in mind: if you have dark lips, you need to apply a light layer of concealer on your lips before putting this shade on.

4. Orange

Orange is also a new and trendy color lately, it is an exotic, energetic shade. Beauty bloggers have been experiencing it with different makeup looks such as Fake Freckles makeup, Halloween makeup, Japanese blushing style makeup, ..etc.
But if your teeth are not white, you should choose a darker orange shade to make your teeth look less yellow.

5. Hottest lipstick colors: Mixed Brick

Brick shades are the bomb right now! It does sound a little bit weird at first but it’s surprisingly mesmerizing when you get to see the mixtures of various colors with the brick shade like Brick Red, Dark Pumpkin Orange, or Brick purple. Besides, this shade will make your skin looks lighter.

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