30+ Mandala Tattoo Designs That Make You Have To Say “WOW”

Mandala tattoo is a sacred symbol and it is popular all over the world because of its beauty and spectacular design. The designs are always complicated since it comes from an old and mystical tradition. And because of its beautiful design, many boldest people always taking this as their next tattoo ideas.

Mandala-Tattoo-cover-1 30+ Mandala Tattoo Designs That Make You Have To Say “WOW”

The Meaning of Mandala

Mandala means “circle” in the Sanskrit language, and the designs always come with shapes and symbols. However, it radiates in a circular pattern from the center outwards. The meaning of the mandala tattoo is also special. It reflects balance, eternity, and perfection, the tattoo creates a sense of harmony.

Mandala-Tattoo-1-1 30+ Mandala Tattoo Designs That Make You Have To Say “WOW”

Before mandala tattoos appear, the Mandalas come from religious sites such as in pagodas or churches, and it comes from Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian religions. In Hinduism, people embed the design in prayer and mediation room, since it links with focus. The same with Buddism as they have in their meditation and rituals with the same meaning. You can also see Mandalas in the glass window in Christian churches and combined with rose window designs.

Mandala-Tattoo-2 30+ Mandala Tattoo Designs That Make You Have To Say “WOW”

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Why you should have a Mandala tattoo?

It can bring balance to your life, the meaning of it is strong as we can see the religious characteristics in them. It is very mesmerizing to see this tattoo. Mandala art is made of geometric shapes, particularly squares and triangles, and above all is the circle designs as in the name of it. For those who love ancient art and religions, yes this is a perfect idea for you.

Mandala-Tattoo-3-1 30+ Mandala Tattoo Designs That Make You Have To Say “WOW”

Because of its complicated and unique design, Mandala tattoo usually takes lots of time to finish, and of course, the pain comes next. If you can endure the pain and patience enough, we are sure that the outcome will blow your mind.

Here below are some fascinating Mandala tattoo designs that make you blow your mind and say “WOW” right away. Let’s have a look!

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