10 Tiktok Makeup Advice That Actually Work in Reality

Of all social media, Tiktok is probably one platform that is used by the sharply increasing number of people in 2020, especially during the pandemic. Initially, when it comes to Tiktok, I just think right of silly dances and nonsense memes. However, after downloading the app, I become a fan of Tiktok immediately. We can learn a lot on TikTok in terms of various fields. Makeup is one of them. We rounded up the top 10 handy TikTok makeup advice. Check them out and you’ll see how magical they are.

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Tiktok Makeup Advice 1: How to use bronzer and contour correctly

It’s time to change the way to contour. Unlike contouring powder, contouring bronzer is a whole new level. You can learn this Tiktok makeup advice through videos of MUA @makeupbymaritsa. She even shows you how to combine those two methods.

Tip 2: How to do color correction on brown skin tones

Color correction is never easy, especially when it comes to dark skin tones like brown or dark brown. Tiktok users @rajyaatluri will help you out of this hurdle with the $5 concealer. What a deal!

Tiktok Makeup Advice 3: How to do soap brows

If you desire for fluffy brow makeup, don’t miss out on the account of @_christianaelisa.

Tiktok Makeup Advice 4: How to get dramatic lashes without a curler

Curl your eyelashes with a blow-dryer? How come? @mirandaalynnn proved that this technique is possible and should be known by more people.

Tip 5: How to put on fake eyelashes in seconds:

The user @brandonluxxe introduced a new way to attach faux lashes.

Tip 6: How to remove false lashes comfortably:

Since lashes are usually glued on, removing them would be a real nightmare, only if you don’t know the way. @billsbrip gives us an effective lesson on this.

Hack 7: How to use falsies underneath your lash line:

@beautypebykrislyn1 is the author of this makeup hack, thankfully.

Tiktok Makeup Advice 8: How to do a model-approved cat eye:

I am grateful that @oliviamartistry released a tutorial on this makeup part.

Tip 9: How to do a ’90s-inspired glossy lip:

Some glossy lips are not gorgeous. In this case, @adultsdrink is gonna fix them.

Hack 10: How to contour with self-tanner:

This brilliant idea created by @brittanybearmakeup should get a Grammy award.

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