10 Stunning Prom Makeup Looks that You Can Actually Do at Home

Prom season is coming. Not to mention, choosing a makeup look is just as important as deciding a prom dress. It’s time to break out the fresh makeup KITs you bought at Sephora but never touched once. You’ll need all of it for this makeover.

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We rounded up the top 10 prom makeup looks for your inspiration. Pick one, practice, and be ready to rock your prom.

1. Prom Makeup: Monochromatic

Ton-suit-tone style is always the easiest way to have a look. Match your lips, cheeks, eyes, and your prom dress as Zendaya’s is so so smart.

2. Prom Makeup: Bright Blue Eyes

If your dress is a bit simple. Why not draw attention to the eyes? You can achieve your goal by painting your eyes blues like the ocean.

3. Prom Makeup: Berry Lips

Hot like red lips but not boring. These berry lips bring out a mysterious and cool vibe!

4. Nude Smoky

This makeup look works perfectly for any prom outfits.

5. Sharp Cat Eye

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A simple cat eye never fails to highlight your eyes.

6. Neon Lids

There are no other occasions that you can be extra than prom. Pick a neon eyeshadow and shine!

7. Barely-There (But Still Super Glam) Look

In case you want something princess and subtle, this natural style is 100% for you. High-shine lips, dewy cheeks, and dreamy eyes are eye-catching!

8. Mermaid Eyes

The mermaid’s eyes make us feel so aquatic and fresh! I bet your prom partner will love it!

9. Prom Makeup: Pastel Wings

Be as creative as you can! Draw a cool pastel liner from the inner corner of your eyes. This look is not unique but also gorgeous AF!

10. Glossy Lids

I love wearing glossy lids, particularly for this kind of event. Just add a base shadow color and apply a glossy product as the topping and tada, you have the most stunning look ever!

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